Animals used as food for other animals

Advice about the use of whole animals as a food for other animals.

For a limited number of species, other animals are required as food. This does not mean meat eaten by dogs and cats, but refers to those animals that consume whole animals that have recently been killed. The most common example of animals that consume other whole dead animals are reptiles.

In schools, the food animal must not be given to the predator while alive. The food animals must be killed humanely before being given as food to another animal.

Frozen food animals, e.g. mice, are readily available from suppliers and provide a convenient and compliant means for feeding reptiles. The feeding of crickets to some species is not a violation of the legislation as crickets are invertebrates and not covered by the Animal Research Act.

Image: Frozen mice can be obtained as a reliable and nutritious way of feeding snakes.
Image: Live crickets may be fed to bearded dragons and other reptiles requiring this food.


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