Animal events

Advice about the use of school grounds and facilities to hold events that involve animals.

Some schools allow their facilities to be used for events that are not directly related to the school’s educational program. These may be on weekends or evenings and may include:

  • Pet shows
  • Fetes with pony rides or farm nurseries
  • Dog training groups.

Although they are not subject to the provisions of the Animal Research Act, they will be subject to the provisions of other legislation such as the Companion Animals Act, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Exhibited Animals Act.

Principals and the Animal Welfare Liaison Officers need to be aware, when considering applications to hold these events, that they could be open to criticism if the standard of care is challenged legally or in the public arena.

Section 14 of the Companion Animals Act (1998) prohibits dogs on schools grounds except where the principal gives permission. With the exception of working dogs, dogs must be kept on a leash in school grounds.

Any dog that has been declared dangerous under section 33 of the Companion Animals Act must not be allowed on school grounds. Local councils retain this information.

In the event of fetes and raffles, animals must not be used as prizes.

Image: Showing animals can be a fun activity for students.


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