Teaching Opens Doors - Jessica’s Story

Jessica is a secondary teacher in a NSW public school. She was first drawn to teaching due to her love of books which led to becoming an English teacher. Jessica has supported students in her role as Year Advisor and has been supported to gain additional qualifications to become a Teacher Librarian.

The ‘Teaching Opens Doors’ Campaign features teachers and students from a range of public schools across NSW, highlighting how teaching has ‘opened doors’ to a range of opportunities within and outside of the classroom.

One of the teachers featured in the campaign is Jessica, teacher in a NSW public school located on the Central Coast.

Since becoming a teacher, Jessica has found one of the most rewarding aspects of her career to be supporting students both inside and outside of the classroom. Becoming a Year Advisor has allowed Jessica to fulfil her personal teaching philosophy of providing a positive schooling experience to students, guiding them to reach their full potential at every stage of their schooling career.

Jessica has also benefited from the flexibility that a career in teaching can provide. Notably, Jessica feels empowered to grow her family due to the department’s generous parental leave entitlements.

Upon her return, Jessica is keen to develop her newly acquired skill set since completing her Masters of Teacher Librarianship.

Watch the video to find out how teaching has opened doors for Jessica, or find out more on the Teaching Opens Doors webpage.

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