This scholarship is open to accredited primary, secondary, and early childhood teachers currently teaching in NSW schools or NSW early childhood services.

The scholarship is for the study of quality teaching. It is designed to support teacher accreditation and professional development, to provide resources and evidence to improve practice, and celebrate and acknowledge teacher excellence in NSW.

The successful applicant's research may be incorporated into NESA resources supporting quality teaching across NSW.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers reflect and build on national and international evidence that a teacher's effectiveness has a powerful impact on students, with broad consensus that teacher quality is the single most important in-school factor influencing student achievement. Continually improving teacher quality is considered an essential part of the NSW Government's efforts to improve student attainment and ensure NSW has a world-class system of education.

For example, applications by interested teachers could propose to:

  • Investigate global trends in teacher quality, professional development and mentoring, and how these could be applied in NSW schools and/or early childhood services.
  • Investigate the representative tasks of expert teachers and how their impact on students, schools and other educators is measured.
  • Research how high performing systems currently develop, identify and share the knowledge and practice of expert teachers.
  • Identify the aspects of teaching standards in Australian and international contexts that have been successful in driving widespread quality teaching and investigate key features of their successful implementation.
  • Research how expert teachers in Australian and international contexts can lead to higher performance by leading professional development.
  • Investigate the current and emerging themes of quality practice in teaching and professional development across national and international educational contexts.
  • Research what professional development and mentoring practices are valued by teachers at all career stages and leaders in national and international contexts.

The successful applicant will undertake a study tour and follow-up activities of up to five weeks internationaly or within Australia. Study tour travel is to be completed in one block between 1 January and 30 June 2025, with individual follow-up activities and reporting to be completed within 90 days of study tour completion.

Time may involve formal study (eg, undertaking a short course at a respected tertiary institution) or may involve a program of visits to sites, schools and institutions to conduct interviews, observe exemplary practices and collect resources for the preparation of teaching materials related to the specific scholarship category.

A portion of time (up to one week) may be allocated toward follow-up dissemination activities (eg, experience-sharing, professional learning) within and across NSW, either in-person or virtually.

One scholarship of $15,000 will be offered for travel during 2025.

Proudly supported by the NSW Education Standards Authority

The Scholarship Terms and Conditions apply to all Premier's Teacher Scholarships. Applicants should refer to the FAQs for applicants when preparing and submitting an application. As part of the online application, applicants must upload their research and study tour proposal along with the Endorsement of Application form.

Premier's NESA Quality Teaching Scholarship
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