Teacher education courses

Find out which NSW institutions offer approved teacher education courses and choose a course to study.

As a prerequisite for teaching in a NSW public school you will need to complete teacher education studies at a recognised Australian teacher education institution. In your final two semesters you can apply for approval to teach in NSW public schools.

Find a teacher education course

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) works closely with tertiary institutions to assess teacher education courses. The following institutions offer approved teacher education courses in NSW.

Types of courses

Teacher education courses vary and are structured and delivered in different ways. Some institutions offer degrees combining undergraduate studies with education studies undertaken later in the double degree. Many institutions offer postgraduate teaching courses that complement undergraduate studies. The course(s) you choose will depend on the type of teacher you wish to become, the course entry requirements and the delivery mode offered, such as full-time, part-time, on-campus or distance education.

The NESA website lists the approved teacher education programs in NSW. The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership website also lists approved teacher education courses across Australia.

Choose a course

Be sure to thoroughly research the teacher education courses available to you, including the course entry requirements and modes of delivery. Make sure the course you study will enable you to gain approval to teach in NSW public schools. The NESA website has tips for choosing a teacher education course.


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