National School Chaplaincy Program 2020 - 2022

The National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) is a Commonwealth-funded initiative to support the emotional wellbeing of students and the broader school community through the provision of pastoral care services.

You can download a list of Chaplaincy providers.

Details for NSW public schools to make application appeared in School Biz on 30 August 2019 and closed on Friday 20 September 2019. Schools have been notified the outcome of their application.

Under the Program, schools are eligible for up to $20,280 per annum ($24,336 for remote schools) with funding to go directly to schools. Twenty percent of funding may be set aside by providers for administration costs associated with the NSCP.

NSW Public Schools whose application was successful are required to purchase a chaplaincy service annually using an order form available from Providers must be able to replace a chaplain if the chaplain is unable to remain with the school.

A list of schools and their providers is available.

Participation in the Program is voluntary for both schools and students.

For full details about the Program, please download this document: National School Chaplaincy Program: NSW Arrangements for 2020 to 2022.

Email with any enquiries or complaints in relation to the National School Chaplaincy Program in NSW public schools.

Contact details

For further information contact:

Student Engagement and Interagency Partnerships

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