Get ready for the Opportunity Class Placement Test

Learn all about the test, what happens on test day, and try the practice tests.

Are you a parent or carer?

Please visit the Selective high schools and opportunity classes – information for parents and carers to learn about the placement process and to apply for Year 5 entry in 2025.

Student resource hub

Check out the Student resource hub where you can learn whether an opportunity class might be a good fit for you.

It also has:

  • interactive quizzes
  • practice test items
  • and lots more to help you prepare.

What is in the test?

The Opportunity Class Placement Test has 3 test sections.

Test component No. of questions Time
Reading 25 30 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning 35 40 minutes
Thinking Skills 30 30 minutes

You will be given a question paper with the test questions and a separate answer sheet for you to shade the circle to show the correct answers.

You can use the question paper to do your working out. Remember – only the answer sheet is marked.

All questions are multiple-choice.

VIDEO: Opportunity Class Placement Test: A guide for students

More about the 3 test parts

This part checks how well you understand different types of texts.

The texts are drawn from non-fiction, fiction, poetry and can include sections of novels or non-fiction books, poems, magazine articles and reports.

This part checks how well you use maths to answer a variety of questions.

You cannot use rulers or calculators in the test.

This part checks how well you can you solve a variety of problems.

Preparing for the test

Practice tests

You will feel more confident and prepared if you practise using the sample test questions below.

These are not the actual question you will get on the day, but examples of the types of questions you can expect.

I have a disability or a medical condition. Can I get help when sitting the test?

Yes. When your parents apply they tell us what adjustments you might need so you can sit the test.

For example, students with low-vision might have the test papers printed with bigger letters.

Let your parents know that there is more information for them at Reasonable adjustments (see step 4 of 'Using the application website').

Test Day

Watch the video below so you are all ready to go on test day.

VIDEO: What to expect on test day

Test day checklist

All students need:

  • two 2B pencils
  • eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • a printed copy of the Test Authority letter
  • a clear bottle of water
  • wear school uniform.

If required, bring:

  • any items approved as adjustments for disability, e.g. FM transmitters
  • EpiPen, asthma inhalers, diabetes or other medication
  • glasses
  • tissues
  • a wristwatch (cannot make a noise, calculate, compute, etc.)

Do NOT bring:

  • pens
  • rulers
  • note paper
  • books
  • smart watches, phones or other devices that compute, photograph, communicate or make a noise
  • pencil cases.

Download the Test day checklist for printing.

What happens next?

After you finish your test, the papers are collected for marking.

We will message your parents in late October to tell them if you have a place in an opportunity class.

And remember, whether you're in an opportunity class or not, all public schools in NSW will help you do your very best and reach your full potential.


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