How the library can help learning

The NSW Student learning library provides learning resources for students which are accessible at home or at school.

Learning resources in the NSW Student learning library have been designed so students can flexibly use them at home or school. Learning resources are NSW syllabus-aligned and have been created and reviewed by accredited Australian teachers.

Parents and carers

The site can be used for catch-up work, extension tasks or even a subject or topic your student finds interesting. You may work with your student’s teacher to assign a particular learning resource or can pick out a learning resource for your student in your own time.

Easily engage with your student's learning

The learning resources have been designed with students as the focus – meaning they're easy to find and ready to use. They have been developed so students can work through them without guidance but can also be worked through with a parent or carer.

Finding learning resources

Browse a simple site to pick out learning resources that suit your student's learning needs, or work with your student's teacher to find out which topics or learning resources you could explore.

Visit the How to use the library page for further information on finding resources.


The Universal Resource Hub (URH) contains learning resources for teachers only through their department login. While teachers can still use the NSW Student Learning Library to access learning resources, it is recommended they use the URH as it contains NSW Student learning library resources as well as teacher only resources.

A variety of learning resources

All learning resources on the site have been designed to be engaging and accessible to students. With video content, interactive elements, informative images and more, students can work through learning resources at their own pace.

Learning resources are also available in non-digital format allowing them to be downloaded and printed.


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