OOHC Learning Impact form (OLIF)

We recommend that you use the Chrome browser to complete the
Out of Home Care Learning Impact Form.

The new OOHC Learning Impact form (OLIF)  has been designed to streamline the application process for OOHC Change Funding. The OLIF should only be used if you are a school principal or their school delegate requesting funding under Method 2 in the model.

The department recognises that staff in NSW public schools use different default browsers and operating systems; however it is recommended that you use Chrome when completing the OLIF.

If you require Chrome to be installed you should contact your school’s Computer Coordinator or ITD at EDConnect on 1300 323232 for assistance.

Go to the OOHC Learning Impact Form - Intranet access only

If Chrome is not your default browser but is installed on your machine you should:

  • right click the link above
  • choose 'Copy shortcut' or 'Copy link address'
  • open the Chrome browser
  • right click in the URL location
  • choose 'Paste' and press enter.

Once the OLIF is completed you may want to keep a copy for your records. Details of how to do this will be emailed when the OLIF has been submitted.


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  • Student Wellbeing Support
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