NSW Post-School Destinations and Experiences Survey

The NSW Post-School Destinations and Experiences Survey collects information about the main destinations of recent school leavers in the 6-12 months after leaving school.

The survey has two cohorts: students who completed Year 12 in the year prior to the survey and students who left school before completing Year 12 in the year prior to the survey.

Why is the survey conducted?

The survey provides critical information on education pathways, attainments and destinations of young people in NSW. School leaders and policy makers use the results to improve planning and support for students to ensure they are adequately prepared for life beyond school.

What does the survey tell us?

The survey has been conducted annually since 2014 and respondents include recent schools leavers from government, Catholic and independent schools. Currently in its seventh consecutive year, the survey provides information about changes in post-school destinations and trends in NSW. The survey also provides valuable insight into the factors that drive student engagement, education achievement and pathway choices.

Annual reports and fact sheets

The key findings from each survey year are available in the annual report. Where available, the technical report outlines the survey methodology and the factsheets provide detailed information on participant subgroups or topics of particular interest.


  • Communication and engagement


  • Pathways to work

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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