School learning and support team

Every school has a learning and support team, and they will look different in every school.

Most teams will include a school counsellor and a learning and support teacher. The composition of the learning and support teams varies, depending on the needs of the school and community where they work.

This team collects information and gives recommendations for the teachers of students who need adjustments to access the curriculum and meet their educational goals.

They play a key role in meeting the specific needs of children with disability and additional learning and support needs.

How will the learning and support team support your child

To support your child, the team will:

  • get to know your child
  • work with your child’s teachers to make sure your child’s additional learning and support needs are identified
  • organise the planning process, and design the supports for your child
  • work with the whole school community and other professionals to improve learning for all students.

The learning and support team also assists in early intervention planning, processing and allocating resources.

Meeting the learning and support team

As part of your role in supporting your child, you may meet with a member of the learning and support team to:

  • discuss your child’s strengths, interests and areas for development
  • plan adjustments and supports
  • monitor your child’s progress.

The team will also be involved in the process of submitting an access request if one is needed.

Transition support

In high school, the team can assist you and your child as you consider further education and training options and provide information and advice about how your child can work towards a career that aligns with their interests.


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