Travelling safely to and from school by bus

Bus travel is a great way to safely get to and from school.

Parents and carers are responsible for their child's safety on the way to and from school.

Getting to and from the bus stop

Getting to the bus stop in the morning

  • Always supervise your child until they are at least 10 and hold their hand when walking to and from the bus stop or interchange, and when crossing the road.
  • When waiting for the bus, hold hands and stand a few steps back from the edge of the road.

Getting off the bus in the afternoon

  • Meet your child at the stop or interchange after school.
  • Never wait on the opposite side of the road and call them across.
  • Wait until the bus has gone, then choose a safe place to cross the road.
  • If you cannot meet your child, organise for a trusted adult to take your place.

What if you’re not there?

Your child is most at risk in the first few minutes after getting off the bus. Talk to them about what to do if:

  • you are delayed and cannot meet them as usual (for example, find a safe place to wait)
  • they catch the wrong bus
  • they get off the bus at the wrong stop.

Informal school bus stops

Informal bus stops are not sign-posted and are usually found in rural areas. They could be at the front of a property or on the side of a road where drivers may find it difficult to see.

  • families should take special care when using these stops
  • staying on the bus a bit longer to travel to another stop may reduce risk.

Crossing the road after getting off a bus

Always wait until the bus has gone, then use a safe place to cross. Help your children identify safe places such as:

  • clear sections of road where they are visible to all traffic.
  • pedestrian crossings or traffic lights.

When walking with them to and from the bus stop, remind your child to:

  • STOP! One step back from the kerb
  • LOOK! Both ways for traffic
  • LISTEN! For the sounds of approaching traffic
  • THINK! Whether it is safe to cross.

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