PAX Good Behaviour Game @home

PAX means Peace, and having peace in the home is always a good thing.

The PAX Good Behaviour Game (PAX GBG) is being used in primary schools across the state to help teach children how to control their own impulses and off-task behaviours.

Its main strength is helping children become resilient and therefore able to cope with the many changes life brings. By having resilience and being able to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours children will experience greater benefits throughout their life.

For use in the home

The handouts and videos on this page have been created for use in the home.

Known as PAX Tools, these have been developed for use by caring adults such as parents, caregivers, and other adults who are part of a child’s life.

The information, tips and techniques have been tried and tested for over 20 years, and are supported by extensive academic research.

But, they are also fun and easy to use!

Find out more about the PAX Good Behaviour Game in NSW public schools.


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