Liverpool co-educational high school

Liverpool Boys and Girls High Schools will transition to a co-educational high school with significant upgrade to the site designed to deliver the new school.

The school will temporarily be known as Liverpool High School before - students, parents and staff will have the opportunity to determine the final name.

Early planning of the upgrade for the new co-educational school is underway and will be built on the site of the existing boy's school and include additional teaching spaces and upgraded facilities.

Liverpool Girls High School will remain operational for students until the new co-educational school is open. Students from the Liverpool Boys will be provided temporary accommodation within the current campus location or vicinity with further details to be provided once these arrangements have been finalised.

The new school will be an integral part of of the new Liverpool Innovation Precinct, which focuses on the Health, Education and Research sectors as well as apartments and shopping precincts.

Comprehensive consultation

The department undertook a comprehensive community consultation in late 2022 with school communities in the Liverpool area. Co-educational schools were preferred by the majority of those surveyed. There was particularly strong support from local public primary school parents, carers, and students.

The concept plan for the new co-educational high school will be shared with the school community mid-2024 following business case approval. Further project updates will follow from there as the project progresses. To keep up to date with the progress of this project community members are invited to visit the School Infrastructure NSW website.

Student numbers

An increase in the student population of a co-educational school will expand the range of curricula and co-curricular options. The wider range of course options available to Years 11 and 12 will support enhanced post-school pathways and career options.

In line with the department’s enrolment policy, the new co-educational campus will accommodate all designated intake area students. Where capacity exists, out-of-area students may seek enrolment until the school reaches its designated enrolment cap.

The catchment will cover the current Liverpool Boys and Liverpool Girls High School intake area boundaries. For parents who want their children to continue in single sex schools, out-of-area enrolment will be considered in line with the department’s current enrolment policy.

Transitional arrangements

Particular care will be taken in the transition to ensure that HSC students are well supported during the changes. All Stage 6 courses commenced at Liverpool Boys and Girls High Schools will be maintained through to students’ HSC examinations in the year of the shift to a co-educational school.

The department will provide on-the-ground support to the principals of Liverpool Boys and Girls High Schools before the opening of the new co-educational school by appointing a person with secondary principal experience to support consultative management of specific matters related to the build and planning for the operation of the new school. This will ensure transitional and establishment issues are given appropriate focus, planning and consultation to ensure success.

All substantive staff, other than the current two principals, will be guaranteed a position at the school for a three year period to be determined. After this time, any staff surplus to the school’s staffing entitlement will be guaranteed commensurate positions in the public education system. A decision in relation to the principal position will be made in the semester prior to the new school opening.

School Infrastructure NSW is delivering a stand-alone school. There are no current plans to sell any portion of the existing school sites. They will be retained for educational use.


Will there be a new uniform?

The school community will be consulted on issues such as uniform, motto and other important aspects of school identity.

No parent will need to buy a new uniform during the transition to the new co-educational school.

Download the Liverpool community consultation summary report


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