Consultation for co-educational offerings

The NSW Government is committed to offering all families a co-educational high school option.

This means that every student in NSW will be guaranteed a place at a designated co-educational public high school by 2027.

To do this, we are examining a range of options including adjusting school intake areas for co-educational schools and working with groups of schools to consider access to co-educational offerings. This includes with community groups to understand what they are looking for from their local high schools to ensure the right types of schools in the right locations are available.

The following questions and answers will support the department’s consultation process and approach.

Community consultations will look to better understand parent and student decision-making regarding high school enrolment choices, including preferences relating to educational offerings.

No decisions about future plans for the schools have been decided – these community consultations will inform any decision making about educational offerings.

The community consultation is focused on understanding local contexts and preferences regarding educational offerings – it is not about delivering a new high school.

The consultation process includes a short survey and optional workshops.

The NSW Department of Education is facilitating the consultation process, drawing on a range of skills and expertise areas of public schools, communications, engagement, educational outcomes and school infrastructure across the department.


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