Conservatorium high school

The Conservatorium High School is a specialist high school that is not part of the selective high school program. Applicants sit the Selective High School Placement Test as part of the application process for the conservatorium.

Applicants for the Conservatorium High School must apply for selective high school placement and also complete the Conservatorium High School application form published on their website. Parents can choose up to 3 selective high schools if they wish to apply for them as well as for the Conservatorium.

If applying for entry to the Conservatorium High School only, applicants must select any selective high school in order to submit the application. Parents must then email the Unit quoting the student's name and application number to explain that they are applying only for placement at the Conservatorium.

The Conservatorium will provide the applicants' names and addresses to the High Performing Students Unit to receive the results of the test. Students will be advised of their designated test centre by 28 February 2019.

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