Selective high schools – Year 7

Applying for placement in a selective high school in Year 7


Find out about key dates in the placement process.

Entry to Year 7 in 2019

The Selective high School Placement Test was held in NSW test centres on 15 March 2018.

Illness or misadventure

You can submit a request for consideration of illness or misadventure:

  • if your child was sick or injured on test day, causing your child to miss the test or affecting his or her performance
  • if an incident affected your child’s performance either in their school assessments or in the test.

The completed Illness/misadventure form must be submitted by Thursday 29 March 2018.

Applications for entry to Year 7 in 2019 closed at 10pm on 13 November 2017. It is now too late to apply.

Changes to current applications

If you made a mistake after you submitted an application, or wish to change school choices (before 27 April), email and ask us to make the change.

School assessment scores for applicants from non-government school

Parents of students from non-government schools should ensure that the Principal's page for provision of school assessment scores is returned to the Unit as soon as possible if it was not returned by 5 December 2017.

Entry to Year 7 in 2018

The progress of reserve lists is no longer published. If your child's reserve position is reached the Unit will contact you. If you wish to know what a reserve list is up to you can email the request to the Unit. At 3pm on 15 December 2017 students who accepted an offer and did not decline it were automatically removed from reserve lists for higher choice schools.

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