Opportunity classes – Year 5

Applying for placement in an opportunity class in Year 5


Find out about key dates in the placement process.

The Opportunity Class Placement Test was conducted on Wednesday 26 July 2017.

Change of school choice

The submission period to request a change of school choices closed on Friday 4 August 2017. Changes of choice cannot be accepted after this date as they cannot be processed in time for selection committees to be presented with relevant information.

Illness or misadventure

The Illness or misadventure submission period is now closed. The closing date was Friday 11 August 2017. It is no longer possible to lodge a claim.

Placement outcome information

Outcome advice will be emailed or mailed individually to each applicant in mid-October 2017.

See the entry scores (39KB) held by the last students accepting offers to opportunity classes last year. These scores change from year to year.

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