About Infrastructure traineeships

The NSW Government has designed a two-year traineeship in the infrastructure sector to provide paid training opportunities for some of NSW’s 2020 school leavers.

Applications for the two-year program will open soon, and more than 100 school leavers will be offered traineeships in infrastructure-based office roles commencing in February 2021.

The new traineeship is a collaboration between NSW Government infrastructure agencies and approved industry partners.

The traineeships are office based, with trainees spending time in government, with a contractor and with a consultant organisation.

This will provide them with valuable exposure to the broader industry, understanding the important role each party plays in the successful delivery of public infrastructure.

Trainees will study 1-2 days per week to complete a Cert III or Cert IV in courses such as project management and procurement. The program will be managed by a Group Training Organisation who will recruit, manage and support trainees to complete their qualification. The courses will be funded by Training Services NSW and each government agency will pay the trainee’s salary plus any service fees.

Trainees will be selected from both regional and metro areas.

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