Scholarships NOW for maths teachers of the future

A guaranteed job and five years’ support for study are two of the incentives in a program that aims to make a maths teaching career more attractive.

Image: Rewarding career: Scholarships are now open for people interested in pursuing a career as a maths teacher.

Applications for 2023 teach.MathsNOW Scholarships are now open and for the first year current HSC students are eligible to apply.

Current HSC students, university students and industry professionals seeking a career change in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) areas, are being encouraged to apply for a teach.MathsNOW Scholarship.

One of six scholarship programs for future teachers in NSW, the teach.MathsNOW program provides up to $50,000 towards a course, and for the first time, has been extended to include current HSC students as applicants.

STEM - in particular mathematics - develops capabilities for life and provides lasting fundamental skills in problem-solving, analysis and reasoning. Having strong mathematics skills can open a world of possibilities for students, both today and into the future.

By continuing to strengthen mathematics teaching in NSW public schools through incentives as the teach.MathsNOW Scholarship, in addition to the ongoing attraction and retention of mathematics teachers to NSW public schools, the department is supporting the impact and change mathematics teachers can make to students.

From 2023, the scholarship will support studies for up to five years instead of two and will provide an increased study completion grant of $15,000 for industry professionals, to further incentivise career changers into the teaching profession.

Successful scholarship recipients are also guaranteed a permanent teaching position in a NSW public school.

An initiative under the NSW Mathematics Strategy, the Scholarship program has provided 87 scholarships since its launch in 2019.

Applications for 2023 scholarships are now open and will close on 26 August 2022 and are open to people with a background, experience or keen interest in STEM.

Information on the teach.MathsNOW Scholarship is available on the NSW Department of Education website.

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