Pi's the limit at Bomaderry High

Bomaderry High School got in early for International Day of Mathematics with a tribute to the symbol of Pi. Billy Kos reports.

A time lapse video of students at Bomaderry High School celebrating Pi Day.

Almost 700 staff and students at Bomaderry High School have come together this week to pay tribute to the infinitely long and never-ending number, Pi.

Transforming their school oval into the Bomaderry High School Pi Day People Mural, they used mathematical calculations to create a giant human BHS, the symbol of Pi, and the numeric sequence 3.14151....

Pi Day is celebrated all over the world on March 14 in recognition of its first three digits. It’s an annual celebration of one of the most well-known mathematical constants that signifies the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

“Any day that combines fun, mathematics and Pi is worth celebrating, so we got onboard,” mathematics teacher and head teacher wellbeing Julie Mehic said.

“As part of the festivities, our school participated in the International Mathematical Union Maths Remix Creative Challenge.

“The challenge involved adding mathematics to an everyday thing or place, and we rose to the occasion.”

The school’s Year 11 numeracy class played a crucial role in the preparation and planning of the event, calculating the number of people required for each element and then measuring and marking out the oval.

“We captured the whole process with a drone, and the end result was nothing short of spectacular,” Ms Mehic said.

“This event truly brought the whole school together. We not only had fun and discussed mathematical concepts but also strengthened our team spirit.

“Everyone is proud of the end result, and we believe this was a fantastic way to kick off week 7.

“We are proud to say that Bomaderry High School is an amazing institution, and we are always looking for unique ways to make learning fun and engaging.”

An aerial shot of students making the symbol for Pi. An aerial shot of students making the symbol for Pi.
Image: Students at Bomaderry High formed a giant symbol of Pi.
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