Global plaudits for technology innovators

Baulkham Hills North Public students are international leaders in using 21st century skills at school. Sophie Lambert reports.

A large mural on a brick wall. A large mural on a brick wall.
Image: The new innovation centre and mural at Baulkham Hills North Public School.

Baulkham Hills North Public’s commitment to excellence and innovation has been recognised on the international stage as the school finished runners-up at the Global EdTech Awards 2023.

Principal Graham Holmes said the school had been proactive in leveraging technology to foster a dynamic and engaging educational environment.

“By embracing innovative tools and digital resources, the school has effectively enhanced curriculum delivery, as well as personalised learning and student engagement,” he said.

“Our commitment to using technology has empowered students to acquire critical 21st-century skills so they can thrive in an increasingly digital world.

“The school’s innovation program taught students to use digital tools while immersing themselves into real world issues, such as the UN Sustainability Goals for 2030.”

The Global EdTech Awards recognise institutions that embrace the power of technology to revolutionise teaching and learning.

Baulkham Hills North was supported by organisations including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Australia and Intel.

“By being recognised as a runner-up in the Global EdTech Awards 2023, we’ve solidified our reputation as a forward-thinking institution,” Mr Holmes said.

“Our dedication to leveraging technology to create an engaging and impactful learning environment serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for students and educators everywhere.”

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