Manooka Valley supports new agreement

Julie Brown Director at Manooka Valley Community Preschool shares how the Preschool Reform Agreement will make a massive difference to her service.

On 6 December, the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell announced NSW has signed the Preschool Reform Agreement.

The historic agreement between the Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments ensures every child will receive high quality education in the year before school, regardless of where they live or their background.

Julie Brown Director at Manooka Valley Community Preschool said this new agreement will make a massive difference, giving their service greater funding certainty and support.

“It’s great to see this recognition, as funding that provides more opportunities for more children to access quality early childhood education is really vital,” Julie said.

“At our service, we see the benefits of children having more access to care as fundamental in supporting their social and emotional development.

“It’s just wonderful that more children will have better access to early childhood education, which will improve outcomes for children, families and the whole community,” she said.

The Commonwealth Government has committed $560 million of new funding and the NSW Government more than $280 million to support the four year funding deal.

Read the full Preschool Reform Agreement announcement on the department’s website.

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