COVID-smart policies and procedures

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining COVID-smart policies and procedures at your service is important to minimise the spread and allow a quick response to a positive case.

Services are encouraged to review their existing policies and procedures to ensure they address all mandatory government requirements under regulation 168 (policies and procedures within a service) and regulation 169 (additional requirements for FDC services), and that they align to the current COVID-smart practices.

There are resources available on the Department’s website which are applicable to all service types.

A few COVID-smart measures to consider when updating your policies and procedures:

  • With children spending more time outdoors in the fresh air, have you checked your sun safe practices? (regulation 168(2)(a))
  • Do your infectious diseases policies and procedures incorporate the most recent health advice? (regulation 168(2)(c))
  • Are your transport policy and procedures up to date to ensure safe hygiene practices can be maintained? (regulation 168(2)(ga))
  • Have you practiced your emergency and evacuation procedures lately? This should be done every three months in a COVID-safe way. (regulation 168(2)(e))
  • Are your families and staff aware of your service’s policies regarding COVID-19 and how they can provide feedback?
  • Do your educators hold a current approved first aid qualification? See our guidance on First aid requirements during the pandemic. (regulation 168(2)(a)).
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