Forward thinking by service leadership key to engaging and extending children

Anmol Lohia, Centre Director and Educational Leader at Bambini of Lilyfield, located on Wangal and Cadigal land, writes about the service’s practices of continuous quality improvement after recently achieving an NQS Exceeding rating across every Element of every Quality Area for the second time.

Image: Children and educator at Bambini of Lilyfield engage with an interactive display board.

“Our vision at Bambini of Lilyfield is to create life-long dispositions of a love of learning where children feel capable, competent, and empowered to be active, compassionate citizens of the world. Citizens with critical minds who question and infer, young pioneers who create, and invent new technologies, processes, and techniques.

We believe that excellence is not a destination; it’s an ongoing journey, something you continuously work and strive towards. We bring this philosophy of continuous quality improvement to all our planning and practices. We are always thinking about strategic issues like the vision and direction of the service, and how we can enhance our practices to follow them.

The leadership team at Bambini use goal setting to ensure all stakeholders are represented in the process of continuous improvement (Element 7.2.1) and shaping the service’s direction, philosophy and vision.

Our children, families, and educators set their own goals; we further consult our professional community of allied specialists and in partnership with all stakeholders, our goals are actioned and achieved.

In line with our vision that children are active citizens in the community, educators dedicate time and effort to programs that engage children and extend their learning (Element 6.2.3).

We regularly choose a UN sustainability goal which we focus on for at least two years, and embed the new practices before moving on to the next goal. Our current focus is UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 which aims to achieve ‘zero hunger’. We brainstorm ideas to reduce food waste through composting, growing vegetables, and supporting communities in need through activities like pantry collections and cooking for the community.

At Bambini, children’s agency is championed, and their voices are honoured. Children create their own ‘treaties’ and negotiate boundaries and rules with each other (Element 5.2.2 – Self-regulation). Educators have learnt to challenge their own assumptions and handover the reins in the capable hands of our children.

Bambini’s ‘INSPIRE CURRICULUM’, developed by our leadership team, focuses on cultivating an authentic passion and love for lifetime learning and exploration. In line with Quality Area 1, the INSPIRE CURRICULUM ensures children’s learning is intentional and supports the development of key skills such as adaptability, resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-regulation. The INSPIRE CURRICULUM promotes higher-order thinking to future-proof children’s abilities to grow into multi-faceted and pro-social individuals. Through this we aspire to create inventors and discoverers of the future; not just someone able to replicate ideas.

Our core vision is to provide holistic learning for life and beyond.”

Image: Bambini of Lilyfield's Acknowledgement of Country.
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