Workforce Strategy

The NSW government acknowledges and understands the early childhood workforce has a vital role in directly influencing and enhancing the education and development of young children, and evidence shows this is integral to their future outcomes.

Download the Workforce Strategy (PDF 5.29MB)

Download the Workforce Literature Review (2878 KB)

The NSW Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy 2018 - 2022 is designed to recognise and strengthen the sector's essential work and outlines a range of ongoing initiatives to reinforce and build on staff capabilities to sustainably meet the needs of children from all backgrounds and their families.

The Workforce Strategy prioritises four key focus areas. These are:

  1. Promote the early childhood sector to the public as a critical part of a child's educational journey, and as an attractive field to build a career for prospective educators
  2. Support the workforce to obtain qualifications and experience to prepare them for the workplace
  3. Build the skills base of the workforce by supporting educators and teachers to attend professional development and update their qualifications and skills
  4. Support services to retain educators and teachers, embed sustainable business practices and manage the challenges of staff turnover.


  • Early childhood education


  • Frameworks and standards

Business Unit:

  • Early Childhood Outcomes
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