Early Childhood Education Families Research

The Early Childhood Education Families Research was commissioned by the department in order to develop a deeper understanding of the decision making process for parents across NSW about early childhood education. This study focuses on how parents make decisions on enrolment, including whether or not to enrol, choosing a provider and their views on sector quality, the benefits of attendance and the transition to school.

Key Findings

  • Most parents believe attending an early childhood education service is beneficial for their child, enhancing their development and preparing the child for transitioning to school.
  • Participating in a high quality educational preschool program is a priority for some parents.
  • Awareness of the National Quality Standard is low among parents and families of young children.
  • The majority of parents are not aware of the government’s target of 600 hours of a preschool program for every child in the year before school.

Download the Families Research (PDF 2.7 KB)

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