Voluntary school contributions and elective subject contributions

NSW public schools may request contributions from parents and carers to enhance educational programs.

There are 2 different types of contributions that schools may request from parents and carers:

  1. voluntary school contributions
  2. elective subject contributions.

1. Voluntary school contributions

Principals determine the level of voluntary school contributions in line with published departmental advice and in consultation with their school communities.

These contributions are voluntary. The payment of voluntary school contributions is a matter for decision by parents and carers.

Schools must not deny any student the opportunity to meet syllabus requirements because of non-payment of voluntary school contributions.

Voluntary school contributions in 2024
  • Voluntary school contribution rates in 2024 will remain capped at $110 for secondary schools and $51 for primary schools.
  • Where a school’s 2023 voluntary contribution is below the capped amounts, the school may increase rates up to the capped amounts.
  • Schools with 2023 voluntary contributions above the capped amounts may not increase their 2024 voluntary contribution rates.

2. Elective subject contributions

Schools may request contributions for elective subjects that go beyond the minimum requirements of the curriculum.

Parents and carers who are unable to pay elective subject contributions because of financial hardship may be eligible for assistance from the school.

The principal makes decisions regarding requested financial assistance and refunds.

Further information

Please see the Voluntary School Contribution resource (PDF 1.06MB) or refer to the Voluntary School Contribution Policy and the Voluntary School Contribution Code of Practice (PDF 85.2 KB) for more information.


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