Transition to school: case studies

These case studies were originally published 3 November 2021.

Under the School Success Model, the NSW Department of Education is committed to ensuring that every student, teacher, leader and school improves every year. These case studies form part of a series to support the NSW Department of Education’s strategic goal of ‘All children make a strong start in life and learning and make a successful transition to school’. A successful transition to school is about laying strong foundations for year-on-year improvement by ensuring that our students are engaged and ready for challenge. The case studies refer to and draw on the department’s new Strong and successful start to school transition guidelines.

For more information about how the NSW Department of Education is supporting a strong and successful transition to school, visit the NSW Department of Education Early Learning and Early Childhood Education web pages. For an overview of the key findings from literature on the transition to school, see CESE’s transition to school literature review.

Note. Fieldwork for the case studies was undertaken after the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, but before the 2021 Delta outbreak.

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