Implementing Strategic Directions using evidence-based practice

Strategic directions are high-level statements based on self-assessment and consultation, which encapsulate the school plan and drive improvement for the next three years and into the future to bring about transformational change. School strategic directions are underpinned by the three domains of learning, teaching and leading of the School Excellence Framework and provide a strong indication of the priorities that engage school community members in a common goal. School Excellence Implementation Guidelines School planning.

Scout provides several information reports which can support decisions relating to the use of evidence based practices to implement a school’s strategic directions.

The School Plan Resources report can be found in the School Dashboard app.

School Plan Resources report

This report provides you with a list of key terms in your School Plan and provides links to related resources.

Image: Screenshot of Your School Plan in SCOUT.

Use the report to:

Quickly identify appropriate resources to support the implementation of your school plan.

Scenario: Implementing Strategic Directions using evidence-based practice

Following the completion of a cycle of self-assessment against the School Excellence Framework, you decide to refresh your understanding of which current school policies and research can provide support for the implementation of evidence-based practices in your school.

Focus: Investigating resources that support the effective implementation of Strategic Directions

  1. Open the ‘School Dashboard’ app.
  2. Open the ‘School Plan Resources’ report.
  3. Review the key terms listed on the left-hand side of the report. Choose one that is a current or future focus area.


  • Are there policies and/or procedures that could be used as a starting point for staff and community to engage with this focus area?
  • Are there CESE resources that we can use develop an understanding of the evidence base from current research, from which we can begin to develop evidence-based practices?
  • What registered professional learning is available to support staff in enhancing their understanding of best practice in this area?

Where to next?

You can access resources and information relating to evaluating your School Plan here:

School Excellence Policy

School Excellence Framework version 2

School Excellence Framework evidence guide

School excellence and accountability – Self-assessment

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