About us

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) undertakes rigorous and in-depth analysis, research and evaluation to inform evidence-based policy and improve practice to position NSW as a leader in education.

To elevate the well-known and widely respected CESE function and provide more integrated and focused teams, we have formed 2 new pillars under the CESE banner, CESE – Policy and Evidence and CESE – Data Analytics and Insights.

We continue to lead, enable and deliver high-quality (robust, trusted and innovative) insight, evidence and policy to make a difference for all learners.

CESE’s main responsibilities within the department are:

  • drive a whole-of-government approach to innovative development and delivery of education
  • advance research and analysis to support the development of evidence-based policy and programs that will improve outcomes for K–12 education and vocational learners in NSW
  • qualitative and quantitative research, including data analysis, evidence papers and case studies that build understanding and uptake of evidence-based practice
  • strengthen data governance, quality and delivery
  • deliver clear, timely and well-managed data-driven insights
  • evaluate key policies and programs to strengthen quality delivery and student outcomes
  • national engagement on research agenda and data strategy
  • drive capability uplift in use of data and evidence as part of everyday practice
  • trial innovative initiatives to improve student outcomes.


  • Educational data
  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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