Awards and recognition

Awards provide opportunities to recognise the important contribution people make to public education in NSW.

Nanga Mai Awards

The Nanga Mai Awards are an annual event organised by Aboriginal Education and Communities. The awards recognise and celebrate innovation, excellence and educational achievement in Aboriginal education in NSW public schools, school communities and within the department.

NSW Service Medallion

The NSW Service Medallion is presented to public servants who have worked for 40 or more years in meritorious service to the people of New South Wales.

Any eligible employees of the department can be nominated using the nomination form.

Nominations are accepted twice a year and further information can be obtained by emailing the Department of Premier and Cabinet.


Department of Premier and Cabinet

Premier's Award for Public Service

The Premier's Awards for Public Service recognise excellence in the delivery of public services to the NSW community by the public sector, not-for-profit organisations and private businesses. The awards are administered by the Public Service Commission.


For more information regarding nominations, please contact:

Award Ambassador for Education:

Susan White
(02) 7814 3820

Public Service Medal

The Public Service Medal is a prestigious medal within the Australian Honours System designed to recognise Public Sector Officers who have made a contribution to the community through the outstanding performance of their duties.

NSW nominations for the medal are made to the Premier, through the NSW Public Service Medal Committee which is administered by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Who can be nominated?

Public Sector employees of the Commonwealth Government, State and Territory governments and local governments are eligible to be nominated for the Medal.

Department employees who deserve recognition for outstanding performance of their duties can be nominated. The medal is awarded for meritorious service. Long service alone is not a sufficient basis for nomination.

The medal is not confined to senior officers. It is available to any public sector employee. In the past has been awarded to administrative or clerical staff and employees involved in operational roles. In all of these instances, "outstanding service" has been the definitive criteria for the medal.

When do nominations close?

Nominations for the Public Service Medal are sought twice a year for Australia Day and Queen's Birthday.

Nominations for the Public Service Medal, for announcement on Queen’s Birthday 2020 have now closed.

Nominations for the Public Service Medal, for announcement on Australia Day 2021 should be submitted by 5pm, Friday 26 June 2020.

Guidelines and nomination form

Completed nominations are to be emailed to

Please do not send the nomination directly to the Secretary of the department or to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.


Leah Warrior, Human Resources
(02) 7814 1779

Department of Education service medals

The department presents service medals to staff ceasing employment in recognition of their service to the students of NSW.

Who can receive a service medal?

All staff who have more than ten years of service in the department, are  of good standing, and have ceased employment (eg retired) are entitled to a service medal.

Who can request a medal?

To obtain service medals for eligible staff, school principals and state office personnel should visit the service medal intranet page (password required).


Service certificates

The department presents certificates for 20, 30, 40 and 50 years of service to eligible staff of good standing in recognition of their service to students in NSW public schools.

Who can receive service certificates?

Department staff of good standing who have met the service requirements

Who can apply for service certificates?

Staff do not apply for a service certificate.

Relevant school education directors, principals and line managers will be contacted to confirm the good standing of eligible staff. Human Resources will then forward certificates to managers for presentation to staff at a suitable opportunity.


Human Resources
(02) 7814 1739

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