Staffing codes

The staffing codes are listed in categories of primary (preschool to Year 6) and secondary (Years 7 to 12), as teachers are provided with approval in these individual subject and teaching areas according to their teaching methodology. Special schools may choose from either list to provide teachers appropriate to their age cohort and curriculum.

Schools may also have a need to request a teacher who has approval in a different level of schooling, for example, a secondary school may require a primary teacher to teach students in Years 7 and 8 or a primary school may require a secondary teacher to conduct a particular program.

Teachers may submit applications for new staffing codes by selecting the My Skills option in the My Details section of the employee self-service website. For a transfer to be considered, both the My Transfers and My Skills sections must be completed. Staffing codes can be updated through the My Skills section at any time, without applying for transfer. Teachers submitting applications for transfer should review the staffing codes recorded on the self-service website and should update whether they continue to be willing to teach their approved teaching codes prior to submitting an application for transfer.


1. Teachers will be appointed to a position on the basis of their current staffing codes: Position Level, Areas of Responsibility, Subject/Teaching Area, Skills and/or Experience.

2. Subject/Teaching Area Codes

  • Teachers may be appointed to positions based on Approved and/or Willing to Teach subject/teaching area codes.
  • Teachers can be required to teach any subject/teaching areas which they are approved to teach.
  • Approved means subject/teaching area approval by the department on the basis of:

a) Qualifications in accordance with the department’s guidelines; or

b) Recognised and Verified Experience in successfully teaching subject / teaching areas* for a minimum of two years full time (or the part-time equivalent) within the last five years in NSW public schools or in another Australian school or education system.

*Applicable to primary subject / teaching areas to junior and senior classes (except where the subject is taught to only junior or senior classes) and to secondary subject/teaching areas in the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) of Technological and Applied Studies, Personal Development Health and Physical Education, and Human Society and Its Environment.

The teacher will have taught a load sufficient for the principal to attest that the teacher gained the relevant experience for classification as a teacher of the subject in NSW government schools.

Approved subject / teaching codes are only granted through an applications process via Teacher Approvals.

  • Willing to Teach means whilst not approved by the department:
    • Teachers are indicating that they are prepared to teach that subject/teaching area, willing to do so if requested by a principal and are confident that they can do so with an acceptable level of success. Failure to do so may render the application invalid and lead to withdrawal of an appointment.

Note: To be provided a willing to teach code for special education (flagged), teachers must provide evidence to Teacher Approvals of successful teaching in special education (excluding vision and hearing impairment) for a minimum of twelve months full time (or the part time equivalent) within the last five years in NSW public schools or in another Australian school or education system.

3. Skills and/or Experience Codes

  • Teachers must demonstrate particular skills and/or experience to use these codes. These must be at a level which equips the teacher to lead and manage whole school programs requiring the relevant skills and/or experiences, across the full range of schools to which the teacher may be considered for appointment. This capacity must also be endorsed by the teacher’s principal.
  • Schools seeking to use these codes for position matches must have a need for the skills and/or experience through significant existing school programs or an identified need to establish such programs.
  • The skills and experience code for teaching Gifted and Talented students (GAT) can only be used by school principals when filling a vacant position for an Opportunity Class (OC).

Note: Skills and/or experience codes are not utilised for Central Appointment matching methods (Step 1 or Step 2 of the staffing procedure for filling classroom teacher vacancies on a permanent basis)


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