Principles for staffing multi-campus colleges

The following principles will apply to the organisation and staffing of multi-campus colleges.

1. A multi-campus college will be considered a regular comprehensive high school and as such will receive its ordinary monetary allocations, global budget allocations, staffing allocations and other relevant resourcing allocations as detailed in these procedures.

2. Each college will have a College Principal with overall management responsibilities for the college. At colleges where the College Principal role is shared on a rotational basis among the campus principals, a non-teaching deputy principal position will continue to be allocated.

3. A college principal will be an additional member on a selection panel for a campus principal.

4. A principal will be appointed to each campus.

5. A College Principal will receive a salary outcome that equates to a P5 on the new classification structure. The salary is not determined by the principal classification thresholds.

6. Teachers and executive staff will be appointed to the college, with an initial location of a campus. Following a teacher's appointment to a college and the initial allocation of that teacher at a campus, the College Management Group (CMG) can allocate a teacher or executive staff member to a different campus. Consistent with the principles in these procedures, principals will consider the preferences of individual teachers and executive staff, the approved subjects and teaching areas of individual teachers and executive staff, the experience and skills of individual teachers and executive staff and the needs of the students on each campus.

7. The CMG, comprising the college principal and the campus principals, will assign teachers and executive staff to classes and campuses for the commencement of each school year.

Expression of r(EOI) - substantive site elocation


  • Teachers and executive staff will have an opportunity to indicate their class and campus preferences each year for the following year. However, newly appointed staff members are not eligible to transfer to another site within their first year at the college through an expression of interest.
  • Consistent with the principle expressed in Clause 13 of the Staffing Agreement, that colleges will be considered a regular comprehensive school for staffing, where a permanent vacancy arises at a campus the CMG will consider EOIs submitted from permanent members of staff across the college. In the EOI process, where a staff member matches the approved to teach codes and/or areas of experienced teaching for the position, or the position level requirements and eligibility for executive positions, they will be placed in the position. Where more than one staff member matches the codes the teacher with the most years of service in the college, or where applicable, since their last EOI movement within the college, will be placed in the position. If there are no suitable candidates in the college, vacancies identified by the CMG will be filled in accordance with the Staffing Agreement.

Cross-campus teaching

9. The CMG will ensure that all staff members have access to cross-campus teaching opportunities as a fundamental basis of their tenure at the college and will provide initiatives which enhance these opportunities such as part-time arrangements, common timetabling, and complementary timetabling.

10. ln delivering cross campus teaching opportunities and assigning teachers and executive staff to campuses via the EOI process, the CMG will consider:

  • the needs of the students on each campus.
  • the preferences of individual teachers and executive staff, including where this has been previously advised through their Performance and Development Plan (PDP) or previous Expression of Interest (EOI) submissions.
  • the approved subjects and teaching areas of individual teachers and executive staff.
  • the experience, skills and professional needs of individual teachers and executive staff.

College General Staffing Entitlement (CGSE)

11. A College General Staffing Entitlement (CGSE) will be provided to each College to ensure staffing and resourcing levels for a College are not less than what the aggregate of the staffing and resourcing levels would have been for the "stand alone schools".

  • The CGSE will be calculated as the difference between the general scale upper entitlement calculated for the total number of Year 11 and 12 students within the College and the total of the general scale upper entitlements for each campus within the College calculated after a notional equal distribution of Year 11 and 12 student enrolments to each campus.
  • The CGSE will be used to establish college teacher concessional allowances (CCA) and additional recognised executive positions (e.g. head teacher welfare, deputy principal. At least 60% of the CGSE will be used for CCA use. Additional deputy principal and/or head teacher positions and appropriate executive allowances may be created by utilising up to 40% of the CGSE, with the acknowledgement that minor variations to the percentage breakdown based on operational requirements may be approved.
  • The CCA will be used to reduce individual school teaching staff timetabled period loads where these teachers are cross-campus teaching.

12. The CCA may additionally be utilised by school teachers to address the following operational needs:

  • coordination and communication issues
  • welfare issues
  • professional dialogue
  • curriculum support
  • support for year advisers
  • release and relief for consultation between the College Management Group and the local NSW Teachers Federation Representatives College Committee (TFRCC).

13. College General Staffing Entitlement will be used to support head teachers who have responsibility across more than one college campus and head teachers with faculty management responsibilities on more than one campus within the college.

14. The College Management Group will consult with the local TFRCC (where established) prior to determining the use of the CGSE.

15. Documentation must be provided to the Director of Teacher Recruitment and Placement as well as the Director Educational Leadership and the Teachers Federation organiser with responsibility for the College, during the college executive review process in term three each year, regarding the use of the CGSE.

16. All calculated teacher entitlements, as detailed in the department's staffing entitlement guidelines, will be allocated to each campus within a college, including a small schools supplement, which will continue to be allocated to each campus within a college, provided that enrolments are consistent with the guidelines and the allocation of a small schools' supplement.

The travel provisions of the Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2022 or its successor will apply to teachers, executive staff and principals who work across campuses within a college.


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