We maintain rigorous security standards to provide a safe, reliable, and effective educational AI experience. Our approach to security is multi-faceted, encompassing advanced technology, rigorous protocols, and a commitment to continual improvement. This includes:

  • Penetration Tests – We regularly conduct penetration tests to assess and fortify our defences against potential cyber threats.

  • Red Team Exercises – We conduct regular red team exercises, where independent teams simulate attacks to test our system's resilience.

These exercises and tests are part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our security posture. We believe in learning from each test and continuously evolving our defences. This proactive approach to security ensures that NSWEduChat remains a safe and trusted platform for educational engagement.

By maintaining rigorous security standards, we aim to build and maintain trust with our users. Our dedication to security is a cornerstone of our commitment to providing a safe, reliable, and effective educational AI experience.

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