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Panel discussion - Challenging racism

Panel discussion featuring Stan Grant - 3 minute trailer

In this powerful and moving panel discussion, led by Stan Grant, participants open up about experiencing and challenging racism in educational settings.

The full 40 minute video can be accessed via MyPL along with reflection questions for use in professional learning and staff discussion.

Anti-Racism Policy Training

The Anti-Racism Policy Training course (NR30069) aims to increase staff understanding of the nature and impact of racism, familiarise staff with the revised Anti-Racism Policy and increase staff understanding of their responsibilities in implementing the policy. This course is mandatory for all staff from Term 2, 2022.

MyPL courses

A range of anti-racism and multicultural education professional learning programs are available for school staff, students and community.

Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) blended online training course (10 hours)

AC00089 This course is for nominated Anti-Racism Contact Officers (ARCO) and executive staff to further develop the skills and knowledge required for the ARCO role including; understanding the dimensions of racism and detrimental effects of racism and racial discrimination in the school context. Participants will also explore legislation and department policies and build skills so that they become confident ARCOs. Courses run every term for six weeks.

Challenging Racism-Panel Discussion (80 minutes)

NRG32653 This professional learning aims to deepen understandings of the impact of racism and to challenge racism in a safe, positive and constructive way. It includes a 40 minute video and reflection questions to be considered individually, in small groups or as a whole school staff. Candid and constructive conversations about racism are sometimes confronting because they may bring up individual experiences of racism or challenge our core beliefs, values and perceptions regarding race and cultural diversity. Care needs to be taken to ensure discussions are conducted sensitively and with respect for everyone involved.

Facing up to Racism - Part 1 online (5 hours)

AC00123 The Facing up to Racism blended professional learning uses a framework of building awareness, committing to change and replacing negative assumptions, messages and behaviours with positive ones. Part 1 of the course is a five hour interactive online component aimed at developing confidence of staff to identify, understand, discuss and challenge racism in a constructive way. Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2 of the course.

Culturally Inclusive Teaching and Learning (4 hours)

AC00157 This is a self-paced, 4 hour online training course supported by the participant’s supervisor. The professional learning in this course will support participants to develop and implement strategies and practices to implement culturally inclusive teaching and learning.

Opening the School Gate

This resource is designed to provide teachers and other school staff with a range of practical strategies to assist in the process of engaging migrant and refugee families and creating a culturally inclusive school environment.

Anti-racism statewide staffroom

The Anti-racism statewide staffroom is a trusted, online space for all interested staff to connect, share ideas, ask questions, access resources and participate in professional learning. Join our staffroom today.

Dig deeper

The activities suggested can be used individually, in small groups or during staff meetings. The icebreaker quizzes and discussion starter videos below can be used for staff professional learning. Use the suggested structured outlines or devise outlines that are better suited to your local concerns.

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