Professional learning and resources

A range of anti-racism and multicultural education professional learning programs are available for school staff, students and community.

Department anti-racism education resources for use in schools include:

  • Anti-racism education – advice for schools outlines racism in Australia, breaking the cycle of racism, effects of racism in schools and indicators of racism.
  • Racism. No way! is an innovative anti-racism education website targeting all members of Australian school communities. It includes a comprehensive set of resources to assist schools, teachers and students to understand and counter racism in schools.
  • NSW Cultural Exchange promotes intercultural understanding in schools. It provides an opportunity for schools to develop exchanges with other schools to break down barriers and promote community harmony.
  • anti-racism resources and kits are available from the Henry Parkes Equity Resource Centre
  • Racism hurts (PDF 242KB) promotional posters – a set of 5 posters (racism hurts me, racism hurts you, racism hurts everyone, reject racism and speak out against racism). You can request sets of these posters in A2 size from the Equity Resource Library. Alternatively you may print the posters in A3 size.
  • Posters for ARCOs – promotional posters including a space to insert the ARCO’s name, photograph and contact details .

Teachers can use the icebreaker quizzes and discussion starter videos below. Use the suggested structured outlines or devise outlines that are better suited to your local concerns.

Understanding racismActivity typeOutcomeTime frame
Cultural diversity in Australia (PDF 130KB)Icebreaker quizParticipants recognise that cultural and linguistic diversity has been a feature of society in Australia since ancient times.15 minutes
Challenging racism (PDF 130KB)Icebreaker quizParticipants recognise that racism has many forms and that no form of racism is permitted in learning and working environments of the Department of Education.15 minutes

Bubalamai Bawa Gumada: Healing the Wounds of the Heart Resiliency against racism (PDF 117KB)

Discussion starterHealing the Wounds of the Heart uses the voices of respected and highly successful Aboriginal Australians who discuss the impact of racism on their life.60 minutes
Reflections on being Australian (PDF 129KB)Discussion starterThis trigger stimulates discussion about the ideas and experiences of young people to get participants talking about cultural and linguistic diversity and what "being Australian" means.40 minutes
Finding a place (PDF 118KB)Discussion starterThis trigger stimulates discussion about how school communities can adapt to the changing characteristics of the student enrolment.55 minutes
Identifying racismActivity typeOutcomeTime frame
Playing the game (PDF 116KB)Discussion starterStimulates discussion about whether specific behaviours or incidents are indicators of racism. The discussion helps to answer the often asked question in school communities, ‘What is racism?40 minutes
The whistle blower (PDF 122KB)Discussion starterFocuses on institutional racism and stimulates discussion about the impact and consequences of racist behaviours on individuals and institutions.40 minutes
To be or not to be (PDF 107KB) Discussion starterStimulates discussion about the benefits to school communities of implementing anti-racism education and tackling possible influences rather than ignoring them.40 minutes
No yakking (PDF 98KB) Discussion starterStimulates discussion about the myths and realities of students using their first language to support their learning in class and their learning of English.40 minutes
Just listen (PDF 115KB)Discussion starterStimulates discussion about ways for staff to effectively interact with students and community members from language backgrounds other than English.40 minutes
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