The eight themes of what works best with the Wellbeing theme highlighted

At school, the practices that support student wellbeing involve creating a safe environment; ensuring connectedness; engaging students in their learning; and promoting social and emotional skills.

Wellbeing can be negatively impacted if students sit the HSC minimum standard tests before they are ready. A case management proforma (staff only) is available to develop a collaboratively planned support approach for students who may be at risk of not meeting the standard.

Teachers can view School Discoveries that showcase good practice in supporting student wellbeing in the context of the HSC minimum standard, including St Marys Senior High School (staff only), Riverside Girls High School (staff only) and Newtown School of the Performing Arts (staff only).

School Discovery: St Marys Senior High School

School Discovery: Riverside Girls High School

School Discovery: Newtown High School of the Performing Arts

The professional learning, Maintaining a focus on literacy and numeracy: The HSC minimum standard provides guidance to schools in determining student readiness to support wellbeing.

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