Aquariums – food and water

Nutritional information for aquarium fish.


For the first filling, tap water must be left to age in the tank for 24 hours before introducing plants or fish. The most important factors to be monitored are the water pH, dissolved oxygen and hardness. The recommended levels for a temperature of 20–25°C are pH 6.5–8, an oxygen level not less than 5 parts per million (ppm) and total hardness about 100 ppm.


Fish must be fed the appropriate quantity and type of food for their species and size.


Tropical and temperate manufactured foods are required twice a day. If the fish is a native that has been collected, valuable information about food can be obtained by observation of the habitat and in reference materials. Other types of foods may be given, for example, frozen food mixtures, prawns, brine shrimp and mosquito larvae. Unless expert advice is available, commercially available foods are preferred.


This depends on the type, age and number of fish in the tank. However, as a general rule, sufficient food that can be eaten within a few minutes should be given. Overfeeding can cause health problems.


Feeding once a day is usually sufficient. Do not feed more than twice a day.


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