Aquaculture – euthanasia

Approved activities Category
Slaughter/euthanasia of stock 5

Where fish become so sick, diseased or injured that recovery is unlikely or undesirable on humane grounds, euthanasia should be carried out. Euthanasia should be carried out using the appropriate dose of Aqui-S.

Aqui-S Euthanasia

When fish have reached the appropriate market weight they will need to be harvested and slaughtered ready for processing and sale. The approved method for this activity is as follows:

  1. Render the fish unconscious by the use of Aqui-S (use at the recommended dose and for the recommended time.) It is important to remember that the time taken for the fish to become unconscious is dependent upon the temperature of the water and the species of fish. Cold water fish such as rainbow trout will require a longer time to be rendered unconscious compared to warmer water fish.
  2. Immerse the fish in an ice slurry until are dead.
  3. Once dead they can be filleted and processed accordingly.

Aqui-S harvesting

Before a teacher demonstrates a category 5 activity to students, the teacher must have written certification from the SACEC. Certification is sought using Application form 4

Category 4 and 5 activities may be undertaken by students only if prior written approval from the SACEC has been obtained using Application form 1


Fish should not be released into natural waterways without the appropriate license. Fish may be sold for food production or sold as young stock or breeding stock to a suitable buyer with sufficient means of continuing their production.

Carcases must be disposed of in accordance with local council regulations.


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