Axolotls – handling

Information about handling axolotls.

Schools that keep axolotls must have suitable aquariums to contain the animals. Aquariums must be safe for both animals and handlers.

Approved activities Category
Observation of normal animal behaviour 1
Appropriate care of classroom pets 2

Axolotls should be handled as little as possible and should not be kept out of water for any period of time. When capture is necessary, an aquarium net should be used. Axolotls are best examined and transported in clear, watertight plastic bags, half-filled with water, which must be kept shaded to avoid overheating. Animals should be kept in bags for as short a period as possible.

Students can observe axolotls participating in their normal behaviours such as swimming, feeding and breathing. Observation does not involve capture and students must not knock on the tank.

Caring and feeding of classroom pets

Students must only uncover the tank and feed the axolotl under supervision, according to a roster or when they have acquired the necessary skills. The feeding regime should always be closely followed.


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