Children's Python – environment


The ideal temperature range for a Children’s python is 22 – 36°C. It is important to create a temperature gradient within the python’s enclosure with a basking area at 36°C at one end of the enclosure and the opposite end from the basking area down to 22°C. This allows the animal to move from hotter to cooler areas to thermoregulate as it would in its natural environment.

The heat source can be provided by a heat lamp or a heat pad to create a basking area that enables the animal to reach the body temperature it desires. As mentioned above, the heat source should be at one end of the enclosure and not in the middle as this can reduce the range of the temperature gradient and may not allow the snake access to cooler temperatures.

A temperature gun should be used to regularly monitor the temperature in different areas of the enclosure and ensure the enclosure is not becoming too hot or too cold. Heat lamps should be switched off at night to replicate the natural daylight hours. The use of a timer for lamps and lights is recommended. If the enclosure is kept in a cooler/more temperate region a heat pad should be used to provide heat to the enclosure at night when the lights are turned off.


Children’s pythons require good ventilation and this can be provided by installing air vents at either end or top of the enclosure, depending on its design. A plastic air vent that can be purchased from a hardware store is ideal. When choosing an air vent it should be remembered that snakes are masters at squeezing themselves through smallish gaps and that the vents are of a size that would make it impossible for the animal to escape.


Children’s pythons require a UVB light tube in their enclosure as well as a heat source, which can be provided by using a heat lamp or heat pad.

It is recommended to use light timers to ensure that lights are switched on and off to replicate the natural daylight hours.


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