Children's Python

The Children’s python is a non-venomous snake belonging to the family Pythonidae. It is a mostly nocturnal species that is found across the north of Australia from northern Western Australia to north western Queensland. The Children’s python feeds on small mammals, birds and other reptiles, constricting the prey before swallowing it whole. The species can grow to a maximum size of just over a metre but are typically smaller. They are generally a reddish brown colour, with a darker top side and can be either blotched or unpatterned.

The Children’s python is a popular pet for reptile enthusiasts and is commonly seen in zoos throughout Australia. It is regarded as a suitable snake for keeping in schools due to its size, hardiness in captivity, good nature and and it is non-venomous. Because of their size when mature, species, such as the Carpet python and Diamond Python are not recommended for keeping in schools.

A reptile expert or veterinarian should be contacted prior to purchasing snakes for schools.

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