Application form 5

To seek approval to house production animals intensively, e.g. poultry in battery cages or sows in farrowing crates.


Enter the required information into each field or tick the appropriate choice button. The ‘tab’ key can be used to move to the next field.

This form will automatically save as you enter information.

When the application is complete, click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the form. If you have missed a required field or entered incorrect data the application will not be submitted.

Any documents needed to support the application can be emailed to

When the application has been successfully submitted a message will be displayed. You will receive a confirmation email and the school principal will receive an email containing a copy of the application.

The submission will be sent to the Animal Welfare Coordinator who will contact you regarding the application.

Complete the form

Open application form 5 and enter the required information. Submit the form when all the information has been entered.


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