The Grow Your Own program offers two pathways to enable current School Administrative and Support Staff (SASS) and community members in high-demand locations to train to become teachers in NSW public schools.

  • The Grow Your Own - Teacher Training Program supports permanent or long-term temporary School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs), Aboriginal Education Officers (AEOs), School Administration Officers (SAOs), School Administrative Managers (SAMs) and Business Managers (BMs) to train as teachers within NSW public schools, with a focus on rural, regional and high-demand metropolitan areas.
  • The Grow Your Own - Local Teacher Pipeline is a new localised employment-based teacher training pathway that will support community members in four high-demand locations (Dubbo and surrounds, Queanbeyan, Western and South-Western Sydney and the Murray region) to kick-start their teaching career.

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More information

Please contact the Grow Your Own Program team on 02 7814 0407 or via email at for additional information.

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