Mathematics teacher

Mathematics teachers are in high demand in NSW public schools. Find out about the attributes of great mathematics teachers and how to decide if you should teach mathematics.

Mathematics helps to develop a broad range of skills in problem-solving, logical reasoning and flexible thinking. Mathematics teachers in NSW public schools teach a common course to students in Years 7 to 8 and a range of courses to students in Years 9 to 12.

Attributes of great mathematics teachers

Mathematics is one of those subjects that some students love and others claim to hate. A great mathematics teacher can be the difference between a student loving maths and a student wishing they could skip their mathematics class!

Great mathematics teachers make their classrooms a place that students want to be. They have the ability to communicate complex mathematical concepts at a level that every student can grasp. They give students who struggle with mathematics the confidence to grow and develop their mathematical abilities. They regularly breathe new life into the subject by staying up-to-date with the best practices in mathematics education. Students of great mathematics teachers understand how useful and important mathematics is in everyday life.

How to decide if you should be a mathematics teacher

If you enjoy the challenge of taking apart a problem, dissecting it into little pieces and then putting it all back together again to solve the problem in a way that makes sense, you should think about teaching mathematics. If you can describe difficult concepts in simple terms, enjoy helping others understand what may seem difficult to them and have the ability to apply mathematics to real situations, you could become a very valuable mathematics teacher.

How to become a mathematics teacher

Find out more about the steps you will need to take to become a teacher in a NSW public school.

Get paid to become a mathematics teacher

Scholarships are available to HSC students, university students and industry professionals considering becoming a mathematics teacher. Find out how you can get paid to study to become a mathematics teacher in NSW public schools.

The Teach and Learn Scholarship (High Demand Subject Areas) is also available to current teachers who would like to become a mathematics teacher.


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