Menu Check Service

The NSW School Canteen Menu Check Service offers a free canteen menu assessment.

The Menu Check Service verifies if a school canteen is meeting the Food and Drink Criteria that underpins the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.

Schools that pass the menu check receive a ‘Great Choice’ badge and certificate to display in the canteen. The certificate is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Schools are required to re-submit to the Menu Check Service every three years to check that their canteen is still meeting the Strategy.

If a new provider takes over the running of the canteen during the three year period and introduces a new menu, they are required to submit to the Menu Check Service for an assessment.

Great Choice Healthy School Canteens official badge Great Choice Healthy School Canteens official badge
Image: Example of the 'Great Choice' badge

How to prepare for a Menu Check

  1. Work through the six step process in the Food and Drink Criteria booklet (PDF 4.8 MB) to gain an understanding of the Food and Drink Criteria and adjust the menu and canteen promotional practices to meet the requirements of the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy.
  2. Watch this Menu Check Webinar to fully understand the menu check process from start to finish.
  3. Reach out for Support if required. Contact details for the Menu Check Service are listed at the bottom of this page.

Choosing the right application form

There are three different Menu Check application forms. Each one can be completed online and emailed to the Menu Check Service.

Learn about the different forms and download the correct one for you below:

Standard application form

All parent and school-run canteens should complete the green Standard Menu Check Application Form (PDF 425 KB) Licensed providers operating only one or two canteens are advised to use this form but will need to complete a separate application form for each school they operate.

Master Menu application form

Licensed providers operating more than two school canteens are advised to use the blue Master Menu Check Application form (PDF 387 KB).

For more information, refer to the factsheet Understanding the Menu Check Service – information for licensed providers (PDF 540 KB).

Short application form

Schools with licensed canteens should complete the pink Short Individual Application form (PDF 245 KB) after the canteen provider has completed and passed the Master Menu Check. This application form only asks about foods and drinks for sale in the canteen that were not included on the Master Menu and about promotional practices in the canteen.

Contact us

Need help? Got a question? Reach out to the Menu Check Service:

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