School counselling service

The NSW school counselling service contributes to student wellbeing in NSW public schools by providing specialised psychological assessment, counselling and intervention services.

As well as having a specific role in providing psychological services, the school counselling service contributes to student learning and wellbeing outcomes through membership of school based learning and support teams.

Every student from pre-school to Year 12 in NSW public schools is able to access the service.

The School-Link Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 1079.05KB) provides a framework for a collaborative approach by the department and NSW Health to improve the mental health of students (Note: This resource does not currently meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements. Please contact 02 7814 2942 to request an alternative copy).

Accessing the school counselling service

Access to the school counselling service is gained by:

  • self-referral from students
  • referral from parents/ carers
  • referral through the school's learning and support team

Students and parents can contact their school counsellor/school psychologist directly through the school.

School based referrals go through the school's wellbeing and/or learning and support team. Parents and caregivers are informed of these referrals and give permission for the referral to proceed.

Principals may also refer a student to the school counselling service for assistance.

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