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Attendance, behaviour and engagement

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  • Student behaviour

    Positive student behaviour is a high priority in school learning environments, reflected in the Behaviour Code for Students and Wellbeing Framework.

  • Peer mediation

    Peer mediation is a key conflict resolution school strategy. Training packages for primary and secondary schools are available.

  • Anti-bullying

    All schools implement an anti-bullying plan that outlines strategies for preventing and responding to student bullying.

  • Education Court Liaison

    Providing a pathway for young people to re-connect with their education can lead to life-changing opportunities

  • Student voice, participation and leadership

    Student voice is an approach to education that values the perspectives, experiences and aspirations of students.

  • Young carers

    Young carers up to age 25 provide care and support for another family member. More details in Being a Carer, Being a Student and Being a Kid.

  • School uniforms

    School uniforms build confidence and a sense of community connection. Principals should read the uniform policy and guidelines.

  • Compulsory school attendance

    Regular attendance at school is essential for students to achieve quality life outcomes.

  • Suspension and expulsion

    Suspension and expulsion are strategies schools can use within the context of their student wellbeing and discipline policies.

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