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Student voice, participation and leadership

Student voice is an approach to education that values the perspectives, experiences and aspirations of students. Student voice helps shape and enrich our schools and communities and actively influences our decision-making as we strive to be the best education system in Australia.

About the resources

The resources on this page can be used to promote active student voice in the classroom. These practical tools and strategies are designed to help schools find the right balance between teacher-centred and student-led teaching approaches.

These evidence-based resources support educators and students to connect, succeed and thrive. They include:

  • early stage 1 to stage 6 teaching and learning programs and units of work
  • student leadership activities
  • classroom strategies and mapping tools.

The information on these pages has been developed with teachers and students, we thank them for their work.

What the research says

Research shows that the quality of teacher and student interactions impacts directly on student participation and wellbeing.

The four factors that have the most impact for all students are:

  • student voice
  • influence
  • choice
  • working together.

Why student voice matters

Student voice has the potential to benefit students, schools and the broader community by:

  • increasing student's engagement in learning
  • encouraging collaboration between students and their teachers
  • creating and maintaining a positive environment and culture
  • building respectful relationships, connections and belonging
  • developing personal and social capabilities.

Video – Student Voice – Why students should have a voice in their learning

Duration – 0:46

Transcript of 'Why students should have a voice in their learning' video.

Video – Student Voice – Elderslie Public School

Duration – 2:51

Transcript of "Student Voice - Elderslie Public School" video

Video – Student Voice – Hilltop Road Public School

Duration – 0:15

Transcript of ' Student voice - Hilltop Road Public School' video


Planning resources for schools

Resources and professional learning to help schools plan for and build a supportive community.

Resources for teachers

Resources include Stage 1 - 6 lesson plans and units of work.

Resources to support student led teams

Resources include an overview of student leadership practices, training materials and case studies.

Resources for parents

Fact sheet (DOCX 306.54KB)

What’s happening in schools

Click here to find out how other schools are using student voice to shape and enrich their schools and increase student engagement and participation.


A number of students, teachers and schools in NSW have contributed to the student voice, participation and leadership resources.

We would like to thank:

  • Ajuga School
  • Balmain Public School
  • Bangor Public School
  • Hilltop Road Public School
  • Hurstville Grove Infants School
  • Kirrawee High School
  • North Newtown Public School
  • Rooty Hill High School
  • Sydney Secondary College
  • Woniora Road School

We would also like to thank the following teachers for their participation in this project:

  • L. Morabito
  • C. Melville
  • H. McKay
  • K. McKinnon
  • H. Santoro
  • C. Shiu
  • G. Stergiopoulos
  • J. Tory
  • T. Vajda
  • M. Walpole
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