Certificate of Proficiency

A Certificate of Proficiency shows that you are adequately trained to work in a trade.

You may apply with:

  • evidence of past employment and experience in that trade and
  • the successful completion of a relevant Australian qualification.

Once you’ve completed your Australian trade qualification, you can apply to the Commissioner for Vocational Training at Training Services NSW for a Certificate of Proficiency.

Find out more about the Certificate of Proficiency information for applicants.

You must read Preparing your application for a Trade Skills Recognition (TSR) Certificate of Proficiency.

To apply for a Certificate of Proficiency click here.

When you need a Certificate of Proficiency

You don’t need a Certificate of Proficiency for all occupations, but it is needed:

  • for an Electrical Contractors Licence (Q) or Qualified Supervisor Certificate licence (licences are issued by the NSW Office of Fair Trading)
  • to demonstrate trade certification for a job.

How to get a certificate of Proficiency without training

If you haven’t completed training, you may still be able to get a Certificate of Proficiency.

First you’ll need an appropriate Australian qualification, which may include:

  • recognition of current competency
  • recognition of prior learning and work experience here and overseas
  • a tailored study plan developed by a registered training organisation
  • completion of gap training at a registered training organisation.

You must also demonstrate your skills and knowledge in trade employment of three years or more, including at least 12 months in Australia. If necessary, the commissioner may request and interview, further information or an independent competency skills/assessment.


For advice and information contact Training Services NSW Apprenticeships and Traineeships unit.

Email: trade.skills@det.nsw.edu.au


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